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We own our own conversion company so our parlours are tailor-made to suit your grooming needs.  Not only this we have constructed our parlours with your geographical location in mind – We know you won’t be living 5 minutes round the corner from us so ALL of our parlours can be easily maintained in case of breakdown/technical issues with locally/easily sourced parts and lots on advise and video’s are available to help too

What this means to you?? 
We build ALL our parlours to suit your individual needs including table/bath heights/access to equipment/colour preferences and specific need requirements.  Your van needs to look the part so all our conversions are built to last and have a professional quality and feel  –  Our advise to anyone looking to buy a Mobile Grooming Parlour is choose wisely as cheap conversion can cause costly repairs and  ‘off road expenses’ which can cripple  your business!!! 

**Choose your van wisely and buy something with the curb appeal and the longevity as this is essential to the core Business Message of Reliability, Quality and all round Confidence in  your Service’  **

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